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Fitcoaching is a synonym for a healthy lifestyle. Its goal is to give you a helping hand and remove obstacles that are in your way to a better lifestyle. With Fitcoaching I can help you find the right direction.
Lose weight
Improve sleep
Improve sleep

Conscious sport

A brand new approach to sport, both for amateur and professional athletes. Do you focus on sport more intensively and feel that the results could be better? Do you want to get to the next level? Conscious sport will uncover your potential.
Find harmony of the body and the mind
Prevent injury
Improve results

Breathing Health

All our life, health, physical and mental well-being are dependent on breathing. Conscious breathing is a tool of yoga exercise as well as a tool against stress, tension and tiredness. Learn the most useful skill in your life – to breathe correctly.
Relieve stress
Full of energy
Get rid of high pressure

Curative Fasting

Become healthier, younger and slimmer with fasting. The logic of fasting is that we relieve the body from incessant digestion. Fasting will help us get rid of health problems, cleanse our skin, brighten our eyes and simply feel better in our own body.
Get healthy weight
Remove toxins
Get rid of high pressure

Natural bowel cleansing

Improve your digestion, immunity and mood. The bowels are your second brain. They influence everything in your body – from its immunity to correct weight and the mood you are in. Bowel cleansing is a natural and painless way to achieve health without medicaments.
Bowel cleanse
Brighten your skin
Improve your mood