Tomáš Reinbergr

Who is Tomáš Reinbergr?

Meditate, read, act

I am a maditation teacher, fit coach and athlete. I live a normal consumer life and coach people who are like me. I have always been interested in almost everything and read a lot, from books on personal development, business and alternative medicine to spiritual growth. I have implemented a large part of the knowledge I gained from reading into my own life. I am very impressed by Ayurveda, the ancient health science, which is thousands of years old and which forms the base of my coaching. I am also a teacher of Vedic meditation, which is one of the best discoveries I have made in my life. I like trying new things. Apart from a 10-day meditation or 30 days of fasting I also completed a 5-month yoga course and became a teacher. You can read more about me in an article at

I have been involved in sports for more than 25 years. That is one of the reasons I founded VAŠE LIGA in 2007.
I love to travel. I have been to various places, from Hawaii to China, Dubai and Ukraine.
I devote every moment to self-development and education. I thank reading for all I have now.
The advice I share by coaching is based on my own experience and courses I have completed.

Sporting history


From 5 to 18 I have played football, then football tennis at a professional level for a couple of years.


I love playing squash and I also used to be a coach. Since 2014 I only play it for fun.


Since 2012 I fully focus on yoga. I completed a 5-month course and became a yoga teacher.

For fun

There are several sports I do at an amateur level, particularly beach volleyball, biking, running and skiing – both downhill and cross-country.+


In 2007 I founded VAŠE LIGA. Today it is the largest amateur league in the Czech Republic. We unite squash, badminton, tennis and beach volleyball players. The League’s director is my wife Šárka.
From 2009 to 2014 I ran the Showdown Poker Club – together with my associates – one of the largest poker rooms in the Czech Republic.
In 2015 I have launched theVedic centre with Tim Mitchell, an Australian teacher. Our mission is to spread the meditation technique, which I have been practicing for several years. I also became the meditator teacher myself in 2019.
On my website I am trying to help people getting to the next level with the help of Fitcoaching and Conscious Sport.

My values

My six core values. They could be your inspiration as well.


The meaning of life is to enjoy it, be it at work, while doing sports or in private. The joy I experience is multiplied if I share it with others.


In order to be in good health as long as possible it is necessary to listen to our body and understand it. Many problems are caused by stress; therefore it is beneficial to find a way to relieve it in the form of meditation or relaxation through sport.

Freedom at work

How do we find out whether we are doing the right job? It’s simple. We enjoy it and it contributes to a better world. It is a state where we work how we want, because we want it ourselves.


There is a lot of possibilities how to treat the environment. I strive to harm the environment as little as possible during each activity. If we get a little closer to this principle and change our behaviour, even slightly, we can start a significant overall change.


Charity has many forms. My personal motto is “If I am doing well it is cool to provide a little help to those who are not doing so well.”

Upbringing with respect

I view a child as a person with its own will, which is not less important than the parents’ will. How we raise our children will determine what the world will be like.

I also transfer these values into my business activities. You can read how we implemented them in VAŠE LIGA

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