Tomáš Reinbergr

Natural bowel cleansing

Improve your digestion, immunity and mood. The bowels are your second brain. They influence everything in your body – from its immunity to correct weight and the mood you are in. Bowel cleansing is a natural and painless way to achieve health without medicaments.
Do you go to the toilet less than 1x a day, or more than 3x a day? Does your bowel movement hurt? Do you suffer from flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea or dry stool? Then you need bowel cleansing. Our large gut is like a flowerpot for us. A well digested meal is like a fertilized soil. A human is like a tree and the walls of the large gut are like its roots, which absorb beneficial substances into the blood. Each group of roots nourishes different organs, the rest is then excreted. However, if we eat wrong food or at wrong intervals, the body doesn’t manage to digest it and it remains in our bowels for too long and sticks to their walls. An average human has several kilograms of sediments in his body, up to 15 kilograms. These poison his body and hinder correct absorption of nutrients. The result is that we eat more, but don’t get enough nourishment. After 40 years of life many people have their gut so clogged with excrements that it starts to push other organs out of their place and hinders the functioning of kidneys, liver and lungs. And that is a significant factor in many diseases. There are several ways to cleanse your bowels. They are very varied because cleansings were performed all over the world throughout human history, in different cultures and ages. The benefits don’t appear overnight, immediate results are not overwhelming. But soon they will manifest by fresh breath, better sleep, disappearing rashes from the face and body. If you choose hypotonic diet, i.e. without too much meat, your body odour will become significantly weaker. Your sweat won’t smell and your skin will become clean.
Well-functioning bowels influence everything in your body, from immunity to concentration and healthy skin.

Who is the bowel cleansing course for?

For all, who want to get rid of health issues such as allergies, asthma, high blood pressure etc. For all who have skin or digestion problems.

When will I see progress?

After the first cleansing of the bowels - your skin will become clean and your eyes bright.

And the price?

The price of the course is 3 000 CZK, which is paid in cash at the first meeting. I vouch for my advice. If it doesn’t bring you any benefit or progress, I will return your money.

How does the course work?

The course includes one 2-hour session and a subsequent help during your cleansing. At the end I will give you additional information and contacts, which I gathered in relation to this topic.