Tomáš Reinbergr

Breathe right to become more healthy

All our life, health, physical and mental well-being are dependent on breathing. Conscious breathing is a tool of yoga exercise as well as a tool against stress, tension and tiredness. Learn the most useful skill in your life – to breathe correctly.
When feeling tired, depressed or downcast, perform several complete breathing exercises and your tiredness will miraculously disappear. Your mind will be at ease and you will be able to return to work with renewed energy. Similar to exhalation the inbreath must be silent, slow, uninterrupted and relaxed. Don’t try to get inflated like a football or a tyre. Breathe calmly and never with excessive effort. Understand that the ideal breathing is deep, slow, silent and effortless. Breath is the base of our life. Its quality influences our health and mental well-being. Conscious breathing and breath control influence the whole body, particularly the heart, blood circulation and digestion. Correct breathing can also be used to prevent stress and tiredness.
For thousands of years yoga combines the expressions for energy, life and breath into one – Prana.

Who is the breathing course for?

For all those who want to get rid of stress, harmonize their heart rhythm and gain more energy and health for everyday life.

When will I see progress?

Already after the first breathing exercise you will notice an influx of energy or the calming of a reckless mind.

And the price?

The price of the course is 3 000 CZK, which is paid in cash at the first meeting. I vouch for my advice. If it doesn’t bring you any benefit or progress, I will return your money.

How does the course work?

The course includes one 2-hour session and a subsequent help during your cleansing. At the end I will give you additional information and contacts, which I gathered in relation to this topic.