Tomáš Reinbergr

Curative Fasting

Become healthier, younger and slimmer with fasting. The logic of fasting is that we relieve the body from incessant digestion. Fasting will help us get rid of health problems, cleanse our skin, brighten our eyes and simply feel better in our own body.
Curative fasting is one of the most well-known forms of body cleansing, It is being used by almost all cultures and religions not only for the cleansing of the body, but of the mind as well. Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad, they all fasted. Even Plato and Socrates used to have regular 10-day fasts to achieve a higher state of spiritual understanding. Hippocrates was using fasting as a healing method as early as in the 5th century BC. His opinion was that the food a man eats is used to feed the illness as well, therefore it is necessary first to purge everything from the body that is not needed. Fasting improves your organism’s immunity, accelerates healing of wounds and people are less likely to get infected by a virus. During a fast you feel that not only your body, but also your mind are lighter. You will suddenly see your life and problems from a different angle, you will be able to concentrate better and work longer. The body will automatically focus on areas that are out of order and will start to repair them. For example in case of joint aches it will concentrate on cleansing the sedimented salts and renewing the cartilages, in case of cancer on removing the cancerous cells.
Hippocrates said: it is necessary first to purge everything from the body that is not needed.

Who is the course for?

For all who want to get rid of health problems such as allergies, asthma, high blood pressure etc. Also for those who are on the path to spiritual growth.

When will I see the benefits?

Significant health benefits are noticable even after a one-day fast.

And the price?

The price of the course is 3 000 CZK, which is paid in cash at the first meeting. I vouch for my advice. If it doesn’t bring you any benefit or progress, I will return your money.

How does the course work?

The course includes one 2-hour session and a subsequent help during your cleansing. At the end I will give you additional information and contacts, which I gathered in relation to this topic.